Shinobi Hunter Photography

based in Asheville, NC

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Phone (828)702-8436

Address Candler, NC 28715

Here is where the Ninja’s are hiding!

Shinobi Hunter Photography exhibits a nostalgic look at childhood memories and heroes in a way that ties to current events, and adult issues. We look to offer a creative look for fine art that delivers fun and inviting subjects with a strong narrative. Each piece will deliver a message to the viewer that relates to something that they have experienced. We do this by using a variety of nostalgic objects and subjects in our imagery.
The current portfolio set which involves board games will likely be presented in paper print format as a base and will be offered in a canvas form as well. The board games offer themselves as classic memories from many individuals lives and each narrative will present an aspect of our world that everyone can relate to.
Ninjas, fairies, cowboys and Indians, toys, board games are all subjective aspects of delivering the narratives we look to construct. Often a collection of projects will come together to create a larger narrative. Comic book style narratives are a secondary focus of the business that will be developing over time. These comic books will offer a creative ideal in the market as photograph based comics are small in number and rarely seen in the mainstream.
These creations are also intended for fine art galleries as well as a variety of potential decor options. The materials used are appropriate to the piece, from fine printing paper to canvas to metal, we demonstrate the utmost quality in both design and presentation.


Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Associates of Science


Degree in photography and the technology that is used to artistically create photographs.